Outdoor Patio Furniture and Florida Weather

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The weather in Florida is more times than not, absolutely great. With warm temperatures that tend to stick around throughout the year, many people look at this as the prime vacation spot. Some people love it so much that they move to the state and call it home. While the weather is lovely, one of the aspects that most people do not think about is how this weather is affecting their outdoor patio furniture. However, most people are going to notice that their outdoor patio furniture within a few years of purchasing this is going to dull. This is when furniture repair is needed!

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Why Does the Weather Affect Furniture?

Why is the weather having any effect on the wood furniture that you have outside? The weather can be brutal when it comes to the furniture that is outside. For those who are in Lauderdale, FL, Tampa FL or even Myers, FL, they may deal with the threat of hurricanes during the hurricane season, which means even more damage to furniture can occur. Downpours of rain, along with winds that could easily blow away most patio furniture can cause damage.

Another aspect of the weather to consider aside from hurricanes is that there is a ton of salt in the air around West Palm Beach, FL and Dania Beach, FL, along with every other area in the state. The ocean can be simply gorgeous, but the salt that is in the ocean is carried with the breeze. The salt can have detrimental effects to your patio furniture. The salt in the air can cause vehicles to rust! It’s no surprise that this can affect the shine and protective coating on outdoor furniture.

Along with the beating rain that often hits these pieces of furniture. Water damage is something that you have to worry about. A good test: when it is raining, is the weather beading up and running away from the furniture, or is the furniture soaking this in? When the furniture starts soaking this in, it means that there is damage happening.

How to Protect Furniture from Weather

Can you protect your patio furniture from weather? You can take some precautions to ensure that your furniture is not going to need wood repair in the near future. However, be warned that furniture refinishing is part of the deal when living in Florida. Most people find that wood restoration has to take place on their outdoor furniture every five or ten years, depending on how well they take precautions to prevent this damage from happening. What precautions can you take?

  1. When under the threat of a hurricane, be sure to that you are storing this furniture inside an area that is not going to be battered by the rain and the wind.
  2. Consider placing your patio furniture under an awning in an effort to downplay the damage that the sun can do to the furniture.
  3. When storms roll through, move this outdoor furniture inside for further protection.

Along with protection from the weather, also consider these tips to help ensure your outdoor furniture is safe.

–           Be careful what you are using for furniture cleaning. Several products on the market can overtime strip the wood furniture of its natural gloss and beauty. This is especially true if you are trying to clean a wood that is considered luxurious such as teak wood.

–           Avoid using harsh DIY methods of cleaning on these pieces. For example, rubbing a piece of teak furniture down with a lemon can lead to peeling and discoloration. You never want to use a DIY method as this may damage the wood. And this type of damage is going to be hard to correct. This is especially important to remember when dealing with teak wood, as this is a special wood that often requires teak restoration professionals to clean this and make it shine like it did when new.

Common Problems that Outdoor Furniture Has

There are several problems that outdoor furniture can have when it sits outside on a daily basis, especially if the owner never brings this inside when harsh weather hits. Some of the problems that are seen include:

  • Wood that is dull in color
  • The wood has no shine to it
  • The wood may have even turned colors. What once may have been a bright and natural looking wood, now may be gray in color and look super old.
  • There may be the start of cracks in the wood that may make it appear to be unstable.
  • The wood can be rough to the touch, so much so, that most people do not want to use this patio furniture in fear of splinters, cuts and the like.
  • Wood can rot eventually and lead to an even bigger issue…the safety of those who are using this furniture. It is not uncommon to see chairs that have such bad rot in them that people who sit here are simply playing a game of when the chair is going to break, not if it will break. This structural weakness can be devastating to many homeowners who could be held liable for the injury should one occur.

In most cases, the furniture is starting to be an eye sore. After all, if you have this beautiful home that you love, the furniture that is seen outside is a part of the home. For many people they believe that this outdated and old furniture is starting to make their home look older and outdated. You may consider that it is time to replace this completely as the weather has taken its toll on it. However, what if there was another way? A way that would restore this patio furniture to its previous glory?

Wood Restoration for Outdoor Furniture

For those who are in the West Palm Beach, FL, Dania Beach, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ft. Myers, FL and Tampa, FL area, instead of buying new, why not consider furniture restoration for those outdoor pieces that may be past their prime? Wood restoration is a great way to save the furniture that you lovingly picked out and placed at your home and can be the least expensive option for many people.

The main question that people have is whether this wood furniture repair is going to make the furniture appear as though it is new? After all, you don’t want to sit something outside of your home that is not beautiful. The good news is that furniture restoration delivers great results. Outdoor furniture that was once a gray wood material that looked weathered and aged, can now have a nice coat of shine and a new breath of life after the wood is restored and any repairs are made that need to be made. Imagine this furniture finished and once again giving the look that you want to your home! And you didn’t have to buy new and get rid of the old pieces…it is due to wood restoration.

Keep in mind that wood restoration is not limited to your outdoor furniture, this can also be used on decks, gazebos, boats, and the like. Anything that has a wooden or teak surface can be professional restored to its former glory! And these types of items also suffer from wood damage from the weather and elements as well. So, remember, wood restoration is just not for patio furniture…anything that is wooden has the potential to be restored to its former glory!

How Long will Wood Restoration Last?

For those who have their patio furniture restored, they will find that this will last for several years, as long as you are taking care of this. If you do nothing and leave this in the weather elements consistently, expect that you will have to restore this again sooner, rather than later. However, professionals who arrive to do this work can give some great pointers on what you need to do to ensure that you are taking the best possible care of the refinished furniture that is possible!

Those who live in Florida are going to find that they have special circumstances that they must deal with when it comes to their wooden outdoor furniture and the weather. The weather can change in a split second in the area, and this is what makes it prudent that you pay attention to what you are doing with your outdoor furniture when not in use.

For those who are in the area and are having issues with their outdoor patio furniture at their home, call the professionals! We are here to help with wood restoration projects to ensure that they are beautiful for years to come. And we can help with the issues that you may have with your outdoor furniture…our passion is making furniture look like new and be a true testament of the personality of its owner, and we are willing to help you get the look that you have always wanted! You can contact our team here.


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