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Outdoor teak furniture is something that has been a choice for many homeowners in the Florida area for years. Many people love the buttery gold color that this furniture has, as it often matches the sunshine attitude they have living near the beach. The good news about this type of wood is that it has natural oils in it that are a great weatherproofing material to Mother Nature. These oils that are present in teak wood help to protect against water, rot and insects, ensuring that it lasts for years to come. However, due to the Florida weather, many people find that they must have teak restoration sooner than other locations that are land locked states.

outdoor teak furniture

The Weather and Teak Furniture

How does the weather affect teak furniture? For those who purchase a brand new teak patio set, they are going to find that for the first few years, they are going to have a yellow, buttery finish to these pieces. However, as the weather punishes the pieces, you are going to find that they start to turn a silver color. For many people, this color is something that they love. You can take steps to prevent this silver color from happening, which is something that we will examine later.

One of the other issues that many teak furniture owners have when living in areas that may be wet for long periods of time is mold. Mold spots can appear on outdoor teak furniture often due to water sitting on this furniture with no where to go. The good news is that mold spots do not have to mean that your furniture is ruined, these spots can be removed!

The sun can also affect the look of teak wood. For those in Florida, the sun is probably one of the biggest reasons why you moved to this area to begin with! The UV rays from the sun can cause the teak color to change more rapidly than if the piece were not exposed to such wood. The UV rays will break down the sealant faster and dry up the natural oils in the piece to make it turn colors faster.

Preventing the Silver Color

The silver color that happens to teak furniture is often the one reason that people call teak restoration professionals. They want that butter beige color to stay in the teak furniture. One word of caution: You need to call the professionals for teak wood repair options sooner rather than later. Once the silver has set into the piece, chances are you are never going to make it look like new again. What do professionals do to prevent the silver color? They apply a sealant. However, they use a special sealant that is going to not hurt the wood or affect it in any way. The sealant does wear down over time, so this is something that a teak furniture owner may have to do from time to time. Consider the fact that those located in Florida areas like West Palm Beach, FL, Dania, FL, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Ft. Myers, FL and Tampa, FL often deal with intense weather conditions during certain times of the year. The hurricanes that come through this area often include heavy rains and windy. All of which can make a sealant last less time and be something that damages this teak wood to begin with.

Removing Mold Spots

While we know that outdoor teak furniture often has to deal with color changes, mold spots tend to be a big concern for many people. Furniture cleaning always differs from piece to piece depending upon what this is made of. Teak furniture owners will find that there are products on the market that can be used that are made especially for teak furniture. However, many professionals warn against using these all the time. They find that these strong cleaners can often result in the wood becoming damaged. So, what can you do when the mold spots appear on your furniture?

A solution of bleach and warm water with a soft rag can remove a mold spot for good. You will not want to use a lot of bleach, as this bleach can strip the wood of its natural look if you are not careful. Use a mild solution and then call the professionals to determine what you may need to do in order to help ensure that this mold does not take over your teak furniture!

Fighting the Sun

For those who are looking to keep their teak furniture looking like new, they are going to find that fighting the Sun is going to be half their battle. The UV rays can have long lasting and permanent effects on the furniture. For those who are considering what they can do, here are a few ideas:

  • Keep the teak furniture stored in an area that is covered, such as a covered porch or deck area. While you still get to enjoy nature, you will also be providing some protection from the weather elements.
  • Have a professional ensure that the protective sealant is at its best and is not getting affected by the Sun. This may mean applying another coat sooner rather than later to ultimately protect the piece of furniture.
  • Try to avoid sitting the furniture into direct sunlight every day, all day. Many people move their teak furniture out from a storage shed when they are needed. This is an option that can keep them looking their best for many years to come.

Rules to Live by with Teak Furniture

For those in the Florida area, here are a few rules to live by in order to maintain your teak furniture for year to come:

  1. Do not use a harsh detergent to clean this furniture. The harsh detergent can strip the sealant and oils from the wood, resulting in these turning colors even faster.
  2. The furniture will need to be cleaned, be avoid using pressure washers, as this pressure can cause damage on its own. A slow running water hose can be used, along with a soft cloth and some mild detergent.
  3. Take your furniture indoors when the weather is getting cooler. While Florida weather may not get extremely cold, you still want to avoid major temperature differences as colder weather can damage teak in a totally different way.
  4. If you have a hurricane warning, consider placing this furniture into a safe location on the inside. Hurricanes have strong winds that can blow this furniture around and may end up damaging to this point that even professional wood restoration teams cannot fix this for you.

Teak is a beautiful wood that many people love to have at their homes. However, you have to remember that this is still a wood that nature can destroy if you are not careful and take precautions.

What Happens When Your Teak Furniture Needs Some TLC?

What should you do when the teak furniture that you have starts to show its age or maybe it becomes damaged? You need to find teak furniture refinishing professionals. Wood restoration is a tedious process that not everyone can do. For those who attempt to do this on their own, they are going to find that any tiny error can affect the integrity of the wood to the point that it is never the same. This is why professionals are your best bet!

Teak furniture restoration can be started when the teak furniture starts to show signs that it is turning gray, when mold spots are becoming an issue, if there are splinters in the wood, if the integrity of the wood is starting to be questioned, or if you simply want to make this wood piece shine like it did when first purchased. Keep in mind that teak wood has been used in not only outdoor patio furniture, but also in indoor furniture, boats, in decks and in gazebos. With several locations of teak wood, you may not be able to protect it as well as you could if this was easy to move. When this is the case, be sure that you are utilizing teak repair professionals to get this looking its best.

Ready to Call A Pro?

Are you ready to find a professional that can handle your teak restoration and furniture repair at your home? Be sure that you are using someone that is devoted to teak and knows their way around teak wood. Teak wood is something that cannot be treated like other hard woods that are out there. The good news is that is for those in the West Palm Beach, FL, Dania Beach, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ft. Myers, FL and Tampa, FL area, there is an option with touchupteak.com. We are professionals that deal with teak on a daily basis and we can help your teak furniture with whatever restoration service it needs. Be sure that you are not waiting until it is too late, call us today or visit our website to see how our teak restoration services could help breathe new life into your teak furniture!



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