When it comes to custom wood finishing, high gloss yacht finishing and interior/exterior patio furniture, we can transform anything you are looking for. We are the exotic wood specialists that can restore and maintain many different species of hard and soft woods. These include, but are not limited to teak, ipe, walnut, mahogany, cypress, tiger, patagonian rosewood, cumaru, burl and bubinga.

With our restorative 12-step process, we will come up with a plan that is tailored to specifically fit all of your woodworking needs.

Our unique process consists of sanding and cleaning the wood piece to make it smooth. Then we use specific chemicals to get rid of mold and mildew spots, as well as prevent the growth of spores. Our process ends with a special finish, that deters new spores from latching onto your wood piece. At Touch Up Teak, our goal is to provide a deeper, longer lasting clean for your furniture.

Interior/Exterior Patio Furniture

  • Gazebos, pergolas, doorways
  • Railings, stairways, gates, walls, columns/pillars, decks
  • Daybeds, umbrella stands

Composite Mouldings

Yacht Furnishings

Interior Furniture and Antiques

  • Dining and living room sets
  • Laminates
  • Veneers

Custom Cabinetry

  • Cabinet Refinishing
  • Custom Built Cabinets
  • For Clients and Vendors

High Gloss Yacht Finishing

We have a variety of colors and stains to help you achieve the perfect look. We also offer custom colors and specialty finishes upon request. To see a sample of our finishes, click the button below.