Wood Swatches

Touch Up Teak’s experts always stay up to date with the latest international decor and design trends. See these examples of swatches for some standard natural wood colors. We also offer custom colors and specialty finishes upon request. We are able to do many variations and customizations according to the design and request.

Finish options include:

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Yacht Finish
  • And More!






Dark Oak

Wood Swatches: Weathered, Teak, Pickling, Natural, Mahogany, and Dark Oak

Color Swatches

Touch Up Teak also offers a large selection of color options if you prefer a solid finish. This high-end product is both beautiful and durable.

The colors we have included here are only a small sample of what we offer. To see our full range click the button below and select the “Standard” option on the page.

Color Swatches: Sand White, Snow White Revisited, Super Jet Black, Carinthia Blue, Island Turquoise

Sand White

Snow White Revisited

Super Jet Black

Carinthia Blue

Island Turquoise

Color Cards

** These swatches are provided as examples only. Exact color depiction will vary depending on your viewing screen and slight variations occur depending on type and age of wood.